HCG without prescription

There are two options for buying hCG without a prescription – the offshore option or the homeopathic option.

The Offshore No-Rx Required hCG Option
One needs to be careful when buying hCG online without a prescription. Buying hCG without a prescription is legal in other countries but you need to make sure that it is genuine hCG. Don’t purchase online only because it’s inexpensive. Do your homework by researching the rapid growth in online businesses offering counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

Ordering hCG outside of the USA may seem easy because you don’t have to worry about having a prescription. You can also purchase at a reduced cost. The thing to be careful about is maneuvering the process. It can be complicated and dangerous. You could unintentionally put your health at risk.

Order hCG USA made versus off shore
Ordering hCG USA made is both easy to find and order. Shipping it is also simple and the pricing is comparable to online sites. You will have peace of mind because when hCG is ordered in the US it comes packaged with all the required legal safety product features.

Americans need to be aware of potential dangers when ordering hCG online. Some consumers have received hCG with no legal safety product features. There have alos been others who have received non-authentic hCG made from monkeys not humans. Some companies send unlabeled dropper bottles. In some of these cases the consumer ordered from a US company but when the order was received it was postmarked from a foreign company. Consumers are being duped and deceived. Some consumers have also found themselves in the middle of fake hCG money scams, misrepresentation of the product and no process for returning the product.

Beware of fake online pharmaceuticals. Some of these sites sell look-alike pharmaceuticals which contain dangerous ingredients such as drywall powder, antifreeze and paint containing lead.

The Non-Rx Homeopathic hCG Option
hCG homeopathic drops are made in the USA. This are the safest, most convenient and inexpensive option when purchasing hCG without a prescription. Users of hCG use
homeopathic hCG more than any other form. Many users experience greater success with weight loss when they use the homeopathic hCG versus the prescription version.

It is interesting to note the increased use of homeopathic medicines among adults and children. According to the National Health Interview in 2007 3.9 million U.S. adults and about one million children used homeopathic medicines in 2006. Homeopathic medicine has been around for quite some time. The basis of the science is small accruals in the body has a greater impact than larger doses. Another benefit of small doses versus large doses is no side effects.

Homeopathic medicines are also required to have certain legal standards for strength, purity and packaging by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Homeopathic medicine is a direct opposite to modern medicine.

The Prescription hCG Option – the Optional Option
There are people who have had weight loss success using Non-Rx hCG. Many people have done well with the HCG Diet without being under medical supervision. The reason some people don’t seek medical supervision is because they are concerned with the financial impact. The assistance of a medical professional provides benefits which most people don’t realize. Due to the popularity of the hCG weight loss programs the cost is going down. People who have not had weight loss success with Non-Rx Homeopathic hCG should consider medically prescribed USA hCG. Some people do better being under the supervision of a medical professional.

When making a decision to choose Non-Rx or prescribed hCG what should be front and foremost is your health. You run the risk of exposing yourself to poisonous products with unknown potency into your body when ordering off shore hCG. Keeping in mind that the US has health safety laws for medicines that most other countries do not should help you to make a decision which is in the best interest of your health and successful weight loss.

HCG without prescription
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