HCG plan food list.What can you eat on the HCG diet

Top 10 food options that can help you successfully cheat on the HCG diet

It’s a well-known fact that the HCG diet food plan is extremely strict. It’s true, sometimes it does get unbearable – having to follow all instructions and sticking to the list of just a narrow selection of foods that you’re allowed to eat while being on this diet. Some people get so sick of those HCG foods that they literally can’t stand even looking at them, others just get really bored with the same menu every single day.

That’s why many HCG users start looking for safe ways to cheat on this diet without doing any harm to the its results.

Luckily, it’s possible to cheat on your HCG diet plan food list safely. All you have to do is find a way that would work best for you individually. It’s important to make sure you find the right pattern for yourself, because the HCG diet is strict for a reason: if you mess it up, the results won’t be as great as they should be. All people are different – something may work for you, but not for others. That’s why you have to test various food options that you’ll be able to enjoy and still get rid of extra weight while being on the 2nd phase of your HCG diet.

Of course, cheating on the HCG phase 2 food list is not that easy since figuring out which meals can help you get away with it does take some time. While doing a research on what can you eat on the HCG diet, obviously, you have to forget about high-calorie foods that you might be craving – cakes, fast food meals, and so on. However, there are some great options that you can try and find something that will work for you without spoiling the results of your diet.

Here are your top 10 possible options that you may try while looking for your perfect HCG diet cheating food.

1. Green Beans

Let’s start from veggies! Green beans are perfect when it comes to cheating on your HCG diet foods without being afraid that you may stop losing weight (especially when you pick them fresh out of the garden). You should avoid adding butter but some salt would be just fine. Make sure you don’t use too much salt though, because it usually results in water retention the day after so that you won’t be able to tell whether green beans are safe for you to eat while being on this diet or not.

2. Vegetable mix

All HCG users are aware of Dr. Simeons’ warning about mixing vegetables when you’re on this diet. He suggests you to pick something and stick to that choice for one meal. However, lots of people have tried to cheat on their HCG food list by eating several kinds of vegetables and it worked for them. That’s why we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try this step – go ahead and get creative!

3. Watermelon

When it comes to fruit, watermelon is your best choice when you’re wondering what to eat on HCG diet that may be not on your list but still wouldn’t cause any harm to your weight loss routine. Watermelon contains lots of water and less sugar than you might think it does. That’s why some HCG users don’t really limit themselves and consume watermelon any time they want (to be honest, it’s quite hard to overeat in this case). We don’t encourage you to go crazy with it, because everyone is different and it might result in you stopping to lose weight if you’re not being careful. However, watermelon could be a great dessert option for you when you’re craving something sweet.

4. Truvia

Not all HCG users know that it’s best to avoid Truvia while being on this diet since it contains erythritol (one of sugar forms). But, according to latest research results, it actually works for some people and doesn’t spoil their weight loss regime, so maybe you should give it a go as well.

5. Cottage Cheese

One of the toughest moments in this whole diet routine is sticking to just a few protein options. Dr. Simeons added cottage cheese in the HCG diet food list for vegetarians so why shouldn’t you try it too? Just make sure it’s fat-free and you’re good! You may eat it just how it is or use it as an addition to your starch or fruit options.

6. Whole Wheat Crackers

This is the alternative to white bread that is originally chosen for your HCG diet routine. Judging from the reviews, whole wheat crack may actually be a better option for some people. You just have to be certain that you get your calorie and carb count right (they should be the same as for your usual bread portions while you’re on the diet).

7. Turkey

The reasons why Dr. Simeons decided not to add turkey on the original HCG diet list are unknown. However, this food, in fact, does help people keep losing weight even when they eat it, that’s why there are high chances that it will be just as effective for you as well.

8. American Beef

Here’s the thing about American Beef: it’s calorie count is higher than European beef has, it does contain more fat too, that’s why eating it is not recommended for you when you’re using products with the HCG hormone. But lots of people have discovered that it doesn’t really affect their weight loss routines. Of course, it’s always best for you to be careful and choose only extra lean beef for your meals.

9. Bouillon Cubes, Beef or Chicken Broth, Chicken Stock

Even though eating these foods may seem strange to many HCG users since they contain some oil, fat, and sugar. However, those amounts are really non-significant. Let yourself really enjoy your meals (but know your limits too)!

10. Lotion

Even though lotions can’t be considered food options, there’s a belief that the components of such products (oils and fats in particular), while being absorbed into your skin, may result in you jeopardizing your HCG diet’s results. But many people (especially those who have extra dry skin) use lotions while being on this diet and they keep successfully losing weight. That’s why you should go ahead and give it a try if you really need it.

Hopefully this list can make getting through your diet at least a little bit easier for you, because it’s really important to stay positive and happy while being able to reach your goal – lose all those kilograms that lower your self-esteem.

Certainly, you need to remember that all those foods that are listed above are not approved by creator of the original HCG diet protocol – Dr. Simeons. That’s why if you try any of them, you’re technically risking your diet’s results. Yes, there’s always a risk that you may stop losing weight when you tweak your HCG diet’s plan. However, if you’re careful enough, you may find an effective way to get rid of unwanted kilograms while cheating on your diet a little bit. Good luck!

HCG plan food list.What can you eat on the HCG diet
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