HCG Diet Steak Day

How the HCG Steak Day Gets You Back on Track

Congratulations- you are taking a major step in maintaining health and weight loss management program by completing the Phases of the HCG Diet. You may or may not have heard of the infamous steak day. If not here is the information you need to help make it a success. Having more information to make healthy decisions about weight management is always a positive thing. This element of the program is very tasty, it is important for success in the HCG diet plan, and probably one that you are looking forward to. So, let’s get down to some basics.

What is the HCG Steak Day?

There are two different steak days that are referred to in the HCG Diet Plan developed in Dr. Simeons’ manuscript. In Phase 2, there is a mini steak day. The one that we will be referring to in this article is the one in Phase 3, which is a more elaborate version.

When Phase 3 begins, weigh yourself. If 2 or more pounds have been gained, it is time for a Steak Day. The purpose of this day is to help steady the HCG weight. There are a number of reasons why weight may have been gained after Phase 2, and by introducing a Steak Day into the regimen, you will help the body counteract some of these issues which include: fluid retention, too many starches, or incorrect portion control during Phase 2. Regardless of the reason, Steak Day will help the body get back on track.

When Should the HCG Steak Day Be Done?

As stated above, do a Steak Day only if 2 pounds are gained after Phase 2. If fewer than 2 pounds are gained, the body is doing alright. There is no need for stabilization at this time. You do not want to go back to eating a low amount of calories and a high level of protein to get it back on track- it is already doing a good enough job at this, as is. It is important to be mindful of this fact, and to follow this recommendation. The point, once again, is to help the body to stay on track throughout this diet, and to catch it when it is going off the course that it is intended for. Be mindful.

Anyone can do a Steak Day anytime they are over the HCG goal weight by over 2 pounds. An individual is not limited to this regimen only after Phase 2, but this is the first time people may see some fluctuation away from the intended weight when they are on this diet plan. Anytime in the future, if you are seeing yourself divert from the intended weight, it may be time to take on a Steak Day to help you get your body back on track.

It is important to keep in mind that you do not want to put off doing a Steak Day if you are over the target weight. Once it is noticed that you are 2 pounds over the HCG target weight, it is recommended that a Steak Day is taken immediately.
How Do You Correctly Do a HCG Steak Day?
There are three major components of conducting a Steak Day appropriately. Basically, the three concepts are, don’t eat anything all day. Drink plenty of fluids, including water, coffee or tea. For dinner, indulge in a huge 8-14 oz. steak, with an apple or raw tomato afterwards.
Simple, right?

How Frequently Should You Do a HCG Steak Day?

The average weight loss from a Steak Day can range from 2-5 pounds depending on how your body reacts. If someone does not lose enough weight on the first Steak Day to get back to the target HCG target weight range, a person can do up to two Steak Days in a row. However, do not do more than two in a row. The metabolism will slow down, and you will really be doing the body more harm than good. We don’t want this. That is why we are putting these recommendations out there for you.

If, by chance, you are still over, give the body a day of rest to get some good nutrition (be sensible about this) and then go on another Steak Day later in the week to try and get you back in the normal weight range again. Don’t make a habit of this, for the body needs nutrition. However, the high level of protein will help the body to flush out the unnecessary junk, while helping to build muscle mass, and you will be keeping it well hydrated in the meantime. You will go to bed feeling full and satisfied, and the body will break down the meal slowly during sleep, while flushing away the toxins during the day with all that water that has been drank.

There are many benefits of having a Steak Day if an individual is not losing the weight intended during the HCG Diet Plan, and it is important to help the body stabilize itself with helping it to flush itself out and take a break from heavy digestion. You can do this for two days in a row if you need to, but don’t do it for more than two days in a row, or under 2 pounds over the target weight. Remember, drink lots of water, don’t eat anything during the day, eat a large steak for dinner, and eat an apple or raw tomato afterwards. It is really that simple and will help produce the results that you are looking for.

HCG Diet Steak Day
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