HCG drops side effects

What are the side effects of HCG diet drops?

Learning about side effects of HCG diet is an important step that you have to take before starting to use products that contain this hormone. However, it’s really hard to find articles that address all HCG products. When it comes to weight loss, most of them just mention injections (they should be prescribed by your doctor) but their side effects differ from those you might experience when taking drops. Some sources don’t even reveal much information about the benefits of the HCG hormone as an effective way to lose weight and focus on other uses of it, for example, testosterone treatment or fertility. For people who choose to use the HCG drops side effects should be described accordingly – articles have to address it fully, because usually it’s only possible to find information in regard to injections only. It is really important since HCG diet drops and injections have different side effects.

The truth is, for those who prefer using drops that contain HCG side effects are not that severe than they are when it comes to having injections of this hormone instead. Moreover, all common side effects that HCG drops users may experience at some point are usually caused by the diet itself, not the product.

In regard to HCG diet side effects are caused by the process of changing eating habits while taking drops. Obviously, it is much harder to do when you start it for the first time in your life. This diet is extremely low calorie (only 500 calories) but you have to follow this strict protocol if you really want to see desired results.

Even though your body can get enough energy and nutrients from all the fat that you have stored, you cut your daily portions and it’s a thing that you have to get used to. And, of course, there are not so many food choices left for you – a few kinds of meat, vegetables, fruit, and starches. Since you can’t consume too much sugar, you should be careful when you eat fruit and starches and know your limits. It is also essential to cut extra fats and oils. Basically, most of difficulties with following the protocol exist because of how unusual this diet is.
Getting through the HCG diet is easier than it may seem after learning all details, however, switching to such a low calorie protocol can cause some side effects, such as:

1) Minor headaches: usually happen in the beginning of this diet (since it is low calorie), it’s easy to get rid of them with the help of the regular pain medication that is used in such cases.

2) Mild dizziness: does happen to a lot of people but go away when you’re through the first week of your diet.

3) Constipation: not common (although, if bowel movements come less often than before, for example, once every 3-4 days – it’s quite normal), however, when it happens, some laxative might help – just choose the one that is sugar-free and not strong.

4) Minor rash: occurs rarely, is caused by normal toxins that build up because of the speed at which your body absorbs fat during your diet.

5) Leg cramps: also a rare symptom, happens when your body needs more potassium (to get rid of this side effect just look for some potassium supplements).

Please, pay attention to the fact that these side effects don’t affect everyone. Some people may experience mild symptoms and that’s, basically, it. However, if something concerns you or your headache doesn’t go away after the first week of the diet, you should definitely contact your doctor.

Anyway, even if you are affected by such side effects and your symptoms are mild, we recommend you to relax and enjoy your weight loss journey, because everything will be okay once you’re through the first week. However, feel free to take pain medication if you suffer from severe headaches or potassium supplements if your body needs it.

One of the best things about the HCG diet drops is that their side effects are really minor in comparison to those people may experience while having injections. That’s why this solution is considered to be the most effective nowadays.

HCG drops side effects
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