HCG protein shakes as meal replacement at phase 2

Protein Shakes At HCG Diet Phase 2

Typical HCG Diet Phase 2 diet suggests dieters to eat lean beef, chicken or fish, yet there is a possibility to add more variety to the diet menu keeping the calories consumed on the required level. It means replacement of the widely accepted foods with protein shakes.

However, dieters should be warned that HCG protein shakes replacement is not that simple as it might be at the first thought. Vast majority of the protein shakes available on the market are loaded with fat and carbohydrates and therefore can’t be taken at the HCG Diet Phase 2. The reason is obvious: they turn into fat, and this is something that can’t be allowed to happen at this very strict stage of the diet.

Still, choices are there. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that any HCG meal replacement shake has to be low both in fat and in carbs. Normally that means no more than 10 grams of carbohydrates. So, when selecting protein shakes, make sure to read the ingredient labels to be sure there are no sugars or starches in them. Select either sugar-free shakes or sweetened with stevia.

Basically, most sellers either on Amazon or other online stores are supposed to provide the necessary requirements for the HCG diet.

A perfect solution for your protein supply will be shakes consisting of either soy or whey protein concentrate / isolate.

Another important thing to remember is that HCG shakes should be taken as part of the HCG diet and can’t be considered an alternative for the vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables. In fact, thanks to more complex fiber and vitamins fruits and vegetables boost your metabolism, while protein does quite the opposite.

If you still want to take protein shakes as a meal replacement, limit it to one a day.

HCG protein shakes as meal replacement at phase 2
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