HCG Diet Phases

There are four phases to the Hcg Diet. With each phase you will notice there are specific guidelines to follow. The first phase is knows as the loading phase (P1). The second phase is when the weight loss begins (P2). The third phase is the transition phase (P3), and the fourth phase is for maintenance (P4). Here you will find an outline of each phase.


This isn’t considered an official phase but it’s a very important part to starting the Hcg Diet. In this stage you will do your research and prepare. You will need to see which provider you will use and also which protocol you will follow. Planning out your meals and setting a proper exercise routine will be established in this phase. You will also have to order supplies needed to carry out your diet through completion. One of the most important things in any diet is being prepared. This helps you to avoid excuses like running out of needed items or having a backup plan if your scheduled run is rained out.

Planning doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s look at a way that’s maintainable.

Don’t start the diet until you are completely ready. You will need to have your plan completely ready to go. You want to be able to reach your goals with ease, so keeping challenges out of your way is ideal. You can even look at the phases like a game. Counting calories can be a great way to keep up and make things fun. See if you can “win” by hitting that calorie goal every day. Trying new things is another way to keep the diet fresh. This keeps you from being board, so get to looking up some new recipes. You could even try shopping in places that you don’t normally like maybe a farmer’s market or a whole foods market.

By planning out your phase, you will be ready no matter what. This will definitely keep you on track to lose weight, but it also helps you to respond quicker when a challenge does arise. You won’t hesitate on that day the rain ruins your outside run because you know that you will be taking a trek on the treadmill in your bedroom instead. You will be ready no matter what! You can start a preparation checklist to keep you on top of everything.

A) Support and Sources
Before you even start the diet, find some support groups that sound like a fit for you and join in. This is a great way to find out things you may have questions about. Don’t be afraid to ask anything. There are plenty of people that are more than willing to answer and help out.

B) The Program for You
Do your research and find the Hcg Diet program that you think will work the best for you. It’s suggested to find a provider online that will offer the complete program rather than trying to do it all by yourself. It’s been shown that people that choose a program with a provider have had an 82% success rate and don’t encounter as many set backs along their journey. It’s even cheaper than joining a weight loss clinic.

C) Exercise
It’s very important to exercise when going through any diet. Being on a routine and sticking to it will greatly improve your results. Even just a light exercise routine will help tremendously with the Hcg Diet. This is a good way to lose weight and more importantly, keep it off. Don’t overdo. Choose light impact workouts that work for you. Some recommended workouts are tennis, swimming, walking, and yoga.

D) Meal Plan
Establish your meal plan. Research recipes that work for the Hcg Diet. Preparing ahead of time will have your kitchen ready to go. This will make meal time much easier and have you cooking even faster. This also cuts down the temptation from foods that don’t belong in your diet.

E) Challenges
This is where you will need to spend a bulk of your time. It’s very, very important to be prepared. One little fail can cause you to stop your diet entirely if you aren’t prepared. It’s helpful to know ahead of time what to expect. Some questions you may ask yourself are: How are you going to handle yourself when you feel like cheating? What are your options when eating out? What can you do when you feel like nothing is working? Figure out the answers by problem solving, asking others – especially those in your support group, or you can simply just read and research what others have done.

F) Rewards
Everyone needs a reward when they do good. You need to reward yourself as you go throughout the process, not just at your final goal. Decide what your set rewards will be for different goals throughout your weight loss journey. You want to steer away from indulging in food but rather buy something that makes you happy instead like clothes, a new phone, or even take a trip somewhere. Your final goal needs to be the big one. Make sure it’s good since you have spent all this time and effort to get there!


In the original Hcg Diet, Loading Days weren’t a thing. The diet has since changed as the phase of the diet has been seen as very beneficial and frankly a necessity. Most of the Hcg Diet plans you see today will include this phase.

P1 is usually the easiest of the phases and can last for up to two days. In this phase you will eat as much fatty and high calorie foods as you possibly can. This is so that your body can store an unusual amount of body fat that will last through the second phase. Some foods that work well are hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken, and high fat desserts. Cheese and butter are great additions to your every day foods. The more dense a food is, the better it will work.

The fact that most diets have you avoiding foods like this may have you thinking this sounds a little crazy. Just give it a try – all the way through – before shooting the idea down. The fats you are taking in is going go be burned off during phase 2.

Figuring out how much high fat food that you need to eat can be confusing for some. People that tend to eat very little may also have problems with this phase. The good thing is that even if you have a small appetite, you can even find high fat foods in small portions. Fast food is a great place to look for that high calorie punch in a small item.

Most of the burgers in fast food joints are very high in calorie count. They are usually paired with fries and a drink. Be sure to choose soda or sweet tea in order to make the most of the meal. Always choose red meat over fish or chicken during this phase. Steaks and ribs are a great choice during P1.

Cheese, which is usually prohibited in most diets, will be one of your best resources in this phase. This high fat content along with the small portions makes it easy to consume. The great thing about cheese is that it pretty much tastes great on anything. Add it to a burger and you have increased your fat intake by 9 more grams.

Digestive problems can be an issue to some. You can avoid this problem by upping your fiber intake. Try eating small salads, of course with a ton of dressing. This can be a great way to get the fiber needed to keep your digestion working properly.

After P1, your diet will change. You will be eating foods that are on a list of approved options. One thing you will have to avoid at that time is salt. So, during P1 be sure you eat what you want, and a lot of it, so that you don’t feel like you are depriving your body during the second phase.

That extra fat that you have put on in P1 will be burnt off in a slow amount of time during the second phase. If you don’t have enough stored, this can make the last few weeks very difficult for you.


This is where the weight begins to come off. This is the part of the Hcg Diet that most people love and hate at the same time. The reward is worth the trouble though. You will start a strict protocol and then you will see the weight start to melt away. Part of the challenge is the 500 calorie diet. You will still have an exercise routine in place, and you will also be taking Hcg almost all the time. This phase can last 26 days up to 40 days. The 40 days is referred to as a long round.

The amount of Hcg taken will vary. It’s usually a range from 125iu to 175iu per day. Some may need as much as 250iu a day. This dose is indicated by injection dosing. Drops or tables would be dosed at a higher rate. In the last three days of the diet round, no Hcg is taken because it takes 3 days for the Hcg to rid the body’s system.

In P2 you will be ale to choose from 500 different foods that have specific eating guidelines. IE: Breakfast would include tea or coffee and a fruit. Lunch and dinner would be 1 fruit, 1 protein, 1 veggie, and 1 toast or breadstick. The guidelines will include portion sizes and preparation directions. It also has a list of substitutions and exchanges to help out.


This is the phase that follows the rapid weight loss. It’s knows as the transition phase. You will begin to reintroduce foods to your body that wasn’t allowed in P2. This phase will last 3 weeks. You will still not be permitted to eat sugars or starches. You will be increasing the portion size of foods from the approved food list in P2 while you are adding more additional healthy foods that weren’t on the approved list in the second phase. This will keep your digestive system in check and allow you to adjust slowly. By adjusting at a slower rate, this will keep your food sensitivity and hormone levels in balance. Imbalanced levels can be the blame for weight gain.

During this phase, it’s a good idea to reintroduce healthy fats. Only do this by introducing them one at a time. IE: Only eat avocado and not other new foods on the same day. You can try another healthy fat on the next day. Some healthy fat foods are avocado, nuts, salmon, tuna, and almond butter.


In this phase, you are no longer considered a dieter. You have finished your transition and are ready to live healthy. This is the phase where you will put your new learned habits into full use.

Have a plan in place that will help you with eating right and exercising daily. Eat like you did in P3. Continue you keep your portions in control. Read labels and implement serving sizes.

This is a great time to increase your physical activity. Studies have shown that even 20 minutes a day can help you to maintain your weight loss. If you don’t like the gym, try something else. Some great ways to stay active are yoga, sports, or even dancing. Choosing an activity that requires a partner may be beneficial. This will make you have a certain sense of accountability and you will be more likely to go the activity even if your not really feeling like it.

HCG Diet Phases
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