Not losing weight on HCG Diet

How to succeed on the HCG Diet

You have been on the HCG diet for some time now, and yet you can not seem to lose any more weight. What is the problem? Do you ask yourself “What am I doing wrong?” Most of the time you are not doing anything wrong. Many people have had troubles on the HCG diet, and the good news is there are many tips to help you get back to losing weight and feeling great.


Many people do not explain just how important your mindset is when trying to accomplish anything new. Even if this is not the first round of injections, this can be your first time experiencing a stall in your weight loss. Therefore, changing your mindset is key to achieving your weight loss goals.

Not everyone understands just how powerful the emotional connection is to food! Many people eat their emotions or eat when their stress levels rise or use food as a way of celebrating. How can you begin to shift your mindset?

Join a support group- You do not have to go through this alone. Find online support groups if you do not know anyone in your personal life going through the same journey. It will be a safe place to share struggles and receive encouragement.
Practice self-love- know that you are worthy enough to reach your health goals
Say Positive Affirmations- I love my body! I am disciplined! I can stick to the HCG diet! Think of some at home to tell yourself every day.
Earn Credibility- Each time you push yourself to stay on the right path, you will slowly start to trust yourself more and more! It is another way to prove to yourself that you are worthy!

Your mind controls your thoughts; your thoughts control your feelings; your feelings control your habits and your habits control your life!


Some things in life are not remotely possible. Wanting to lose thirty pounds in a week is not a common goal for the majority of people. Your goals have to be achievable for your body type. When you are new to the protocol, you may not know what all to expect. You can quickly begin to belittle your successes. The more you know of what to expect the more you can relax and enjoy the process. A realistic goal would be half a pound a day of weight loss. It does not mean that you will lose half a pound a day. Instead, it should be your average.

Factors that determine the amount of weight loss are:
How much weight did you gain loading?
How much weight do you have to lose?
How much water were you retaining?
Sodium intake

Think of how you gained the weight. You likely gained the weight inconsistently, and you will lose weight in the same way. Here are a few examples of normal patterns of weight loss. Losing two pounds than not losing anything for days. Losing 1.5 pounds then gaining weight the next day. All of this is normal, and you should not worry!


If you find that you are always hungry on the HCG diet; it could be the dosage. The overwhelming feeling of a binge is near. Maybe you feel like cheating on the diet constantly. If any of these examples are you, then you should look into finding the right dosage. I can not think of anyone who starts a diet and enjoys the feeling of being starved. When you are always hungry, it can become hard to concentrate on anything other than food. You can lose productivity.

HCG is a real hormone. You can not buy a cheaper, knock-off version and expect it to work the same as the real thing. The wrong dosage leads to hunger, fatigue and causes you to feel lethargic. The proper dosage will have you feeling good throughout your journey. When you do not feel the hunger, you can be sure your body is using fat and not muscle.


One must remember that on the HCG diet your body is going through something different. Having a cheat meal or cheat day, can cause weight gain. It is also easy to quickly eat too many calories with certain foods. Eating a handful of nuts or seeds can take you over the 500 calorie mark. It’s best to stay at 500 calories a day when on the HCG diet.

Do not panic! You can deviate from the diet when you plan for it. A planned cheat meal will not cause you to gain all the weight back instantly. Certain foods high in fat, carbs, and sugar, can hinder the results you want to achieve.

A cheat meal can be easily corrected. The best way to maximize your progress is eating clean for the next several days. You should eat protein and vegetables. You need to avoid carbohydrates and sugar. Be sure to reach 500 calories for the day. The purpose of fixing a cheat day is to get your body back to its’ fat burning phase.


Another way to stay successful on the HCG diet is by tracking your progress. Throughout your journey, you will find different results for the things you do. For instance, working out can have a positive or negative effect on your body. The only way you can be sure of its’ effect is if you recorded it. Some people can exercise and some people can not.

Also, track your bowel movements. HCG forces us to eat less; therefore we have fewer bowel movements. Having fewer bowel movements should be viewed as normal. It will take a while for things to build up in the intestines before you have to use the restroom. Bowel movements will affect your weight loss too. They correlate with one another. Remember that regardless of the food being outside or inside the body, it weighs something.

Other things you can track:

Meals- Tracking your meals will help you stay on track too. Having go-to meals that you know won’t hinder your progress will make everyday decisions easier to handle.
Weight- Track your weight progress also. You can easily see how far you’ve come.
Appearance- Take pictures! Sometimes the number on the scale is not good enough. You can look at the physical changes.
Hopefully, that is enough to keep you headed in the right direction.

Slow and steady will give you the best results. You want to lose weight and keep it off. When you do the protocol for as long as recommended, you will see results. You should take the recommended breaks too. Do not try to speed up the process by doing too much too soon. Stress can also cause you to hold onto fat. If you stress about how fast you need to lose weight, it could hurt your progress. Something to keep in mind each time you start a new round of injections on the HCG diet.

What is the most important thing you can do to succeed in the HCG diet? Do not give up on yourself. With every setback, you can try again. You can learn how to do it better next time. Most people do not crush it every round. Not giving up is the main characteristic that all successful people have in common. You can expect to have hard times. Do not look at those moments as failures. You will achieve your weight loss goals. I hope these tips on how to combat weight loss stalls on the HCG diet helped you on your journey. You got this! You can do it!

Not losing weight on HCG Diet
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