Hcg diet menu ideas and options

The crucial point in getting the best results from the HCG diet is having a proper diet menu plan. These HCG diet menu options will help you stick to your dieting plan, especially when you don’t feel motivated to continue and want to bring some variety to your diet.

Option 1

According to the HCG diet menu you’re only allowed water, coffee or tea in the morning. The lunch and dinner options are quite similar, so you don’t have to readjust an entire menu every single day. Here is an example of the first diet menu:
The first thing you should do is remove fat from the 3 oz of chicken breast and add some garlic powder to it. Afterwards, grill it until it’s cooked. Prepare one Melba toast and cut 3 oz of cucumbers on the side. For a dessert you can opt for a medium-sized orange.

Option 2

A good idea would be to change up meat, vegetables and fruit for lunch and dinner. However, remember, that according to the diet plan you’re only allowed to eat one fruit and one vegetable for each course. This is an example of some other HCG menu ideas:
For this meal you can steam or grill 3 oz of fish fillet seasoned with lemon. In addition to fish you can prepare a small portion of the spinach salad. A breadstick would complement the dish and make your meal more filling. Strawberries would make a great dessert option.

Option 3

Meal planning is an incredibly important part, which will help you achieve the best results. You should remember that it is equally as important to remain healthy as it is to lose weight. Consider these HCG diet menu ideas:

The main dish may include 3 oz of ground beef seasoned with soy sauce, which should not be too salty or sweet. A tomato salad would be a great side dish to the beef. A Melba toast is not only tasty, but will also bring the carbohydrates for this course. For a dessert you can eat an apple.

Option 4

Make sure that you always bring some variety to your meals, because most of the time people give up on diets when they get tired of eating the same food every day. Spices are a great way to make your meals more interesting. This is another HCG menu option you can try:
For this course you can boil 3 oz of shrimp and sprinkle them with lemon juice. Asparagus salad with spices can be a great idea for a side dish. Also, you can add one breadstick to your meal to make it even more delicious. Afterwards, you can eat half of the red grapefruit.
These are just several options that will help you start your diet. Be creative in your cooking efforts and remember that being on a diet doesn’t have to be boring and you can always cook some incredibly tasty meals.

Hcg diet menu ideas and options
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