HCG Melba toast diet breadsticks

Eating Melba toasts and grissini during phase 2 of your HCG diet

When beginning the 2nd phase of the HCG diet, a lot of people are confused when it comes to choosing foods that they can eat without being afraid to jeopardize their expected weight loss results. As a rule, all reliable companies that sell HCG products provide their customers with full guides and some brochures that reveal general facts about the HCG hormone and the ways it can help successfully get rid of extra kilograms. However, for some people it’s not enough – they need to learn more about this diet so that they could know what to expect in the end and how to achieve the best results possible. During phase 2 of your HCG diet you have to eat 2 full meals every day for lunch and dinner that must contain one protein serving (according to the modern approach – 150 grams). There are several options – baked chicken (fried won’t be good for you), fish or lean beef. Then you have to choose 2 portions of vegetables but you have to make sure that each of them doesn’t contain more than 100 calories.

Many HCG users prefer including grissini or Melba toasts to their meals while being on this diet. According to Dr. Simeons’ modern approach, it is fine to eat 4 HCG breadsticks (that is how some people call grissini) or 2 Melba toasts per day.

Why are these foods so popular in regard to this diet? The key idea is to make sure that your carbohydrate intake stays on the necessary level since there are usually not enough of them for your body to stay healthy when you’re on the diet.

We recommend you another option – for people who use products that contain real HCG Melba toast or grissini are perfect snack choices, that’s why eating these foods along meals is not really necessary.

Benefits of Melba toasts and grissini breadsticks

Everyone who chooses to use such products to lose weight is usually aware of the fact that grissini and Melba toast diet options were discussed by Dr. Simeons himself and added to his original HCG diet plan. These foods are perfect when it comes to this diet, because they almost don’t contain any fat at all, but are rich in fiber and carbs, which is amazing since there’s a serious lack of these ingredients during phase 2 of your HCG diet. If you do a research on the topic “Grissini and melba toast HCG diet”, you will discover lots of facts that can prove how beneficial these products are for your health when you’re on this diet. We prepared some helpful information for you as well.

Melba toast is toasted bread that is a little bit dehydrated. It is a known fact that grissini and Melba toast HCG users consider the healthiest snacks during the 2nd phase of the diet. Melba toasts are much easier to find (lots of grocery stores sell them) and they’re cheaper, that’s why people usually stick to this choice since lots of people are looking for ways to spend less money while being on this diet. However, you should remember that Melba toast calories count is higher than when it comes to grissini.

Grissini breadsticks are a perfect choice for people who prefer to have lunches at work while being in phase 2 of their diet since there are no problems with eating them when you don’t really have any extra time. They can’t be found as easy as Melba toasts but you can always purchase them online. It’s also convenient that there are 4 grissini breadsticks per 1 daily portion since it helps people could control their hunger throughout the day.

It doesn’t matter which one of these foods you choose for yourself, all you have to do is remember that they are essential parts of your HCG diet. You may find some substitutes by picking something similar (or vegetables that are rich in carbs but low in calories), but it’s best for you to use these exact foods if you want to achieve the best weight loss results possible. Even if you’re gluten intolerant, there’s also a gluten free option for you.
If you already know how to get all those carbs you need without eating Melba toasts or grissini breadsticks (for example, while having meal replacement shakes), you can go on without them. However, you should always do a research and make sure that what you do is right, because it’s important to be extra careful while you’re on this diet if you don’t want to spoil its results.

HCG Melba toast diet breadsticks
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