Is HCG Legal

In recent times, there has been a lot of discussions surrounding hCG for weight loss. Is it legal in my state? Is it allowed to be imported? These are a few questions asked by many people who want to use hCG for their weight loss goals. In the midst of all these doubts, there is no one substitute for hCG that has been proven to be successful in the long run. The threat of losing its legality has little to do with the end results, but everything to do with the approving authority.

Is hCG legal in your state?

With that in mind, let us answer these questions one by one, starting with whether or not hCG is legal in your state. Yes, it is legal to purchase hCG online for your weight loss needs in many countries such as the US, Canada and Europe. HCG is sold as prescription medication as well as homeopathic medicine. It is available in higher doses for certain metabolic and reproductive health conditions.

A prescription issued by a practicing doctor or nurse is required in order to buy hCG for weight loss. Some physicians may show reluctance in writing prescription for this medication simply because it is not FDA approved. And they have a valid reason too. It is not a drug that is widely used by many people, and doctors certainly don’t recommend it to patients with health issues. However, many doctors in countries outside the US have been prescribing it for their patients. You can always look into to our list of various hCG programs and providers to find out more.

Is hCG legal to purchase without prescription?

Homeopathic hCG is the only type of hCG that is legally allowed to be purchased in the US, Canada and Europe. This is because homeopathic hCG is the diluted version of medical hCG, administered orally and more effective on the cell level. Additionally, homeopathic medicine doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of authority that controls traditional medical prescription medications.

Is hCG legal to purchase and bring into the US?

As mentioned earlier, hCG is perfectly legal to purchase as long as there is a prescription. It is also legal to purchase this medication in another country in an effort to take advantage of the lower prices. Moreover, most online stores that are offshore don’t need Rx during ordering. However, there are many expected and unexpected dangers in doing so. For more information about this topic, read our hCG Consumer Beware post on our official website.

Is importing hCG legal?

It is legal to import hCG from another country with a legal prescription from the US. You need to be ordering it for your own use though and not for commercial distribution. There is a limit to how much you can order, which is usually up to three month supply. Note that these limits and laws change frequently, so it’s best to keep an eye out on the most recent data before ordering your share.

Is hCG legal to import for reselling?

It is illegal to resell prescription drugs in the US. Going by that law, any resale of hCG is a federal offense, so the order should be for personal use only. Additionally, you need to know whether or not your local post office allows delivery of hypodermic needles or “human material” before making the purchase.

Is homeopathic hCG approved by the FDA?

According to FDA, homeopathic medicine is safe to use and not subjected to regulations the same way as prescription medicines. However, all homeopathic medicines, including homeopathic hCG should meet certain standards in purity, strength and information on the package.

Is hCG legal and FDA approved to be used for specific medical treatments?

Yes, hCG is used to treat many reproductive and metabolic conditions and has been used since more than five decades by the medical industry. Although rendered safe, it comes with a few side effects which the industry is aware of and acknowledges to the patients. Certain conditions that it is used to treat include, but not limited to, infertility in women, sperm count in men and underdeveloped genitals.

Is hCG FDA approved as a treatment for obesity?

HCG is absolutely legal to use when it is accompanied with a prescription issued by a certified doctor. However, the FDA does not approve it to use specifically for weight loss treatment. Note that the role of FDA is to conduct various tests and specify safety parameters for food and drug related products. It is therefore, a governing body for drugs and medications like this and not a prescribing agency. So, as long as hCG is considered to be safe, the doctors may recommend it for a wide range of health conditions that it is medically proven to be effective. It is left to these doctors to prescribe hCG for weight loss as well.

The hCG dose recommended for weight loss is very small compared to doses for other medical conditions. Its use is widely seen in Europe and Canada since many decades. hCG was once a popular treatment for weight loss in the US some two decades ago. Faced by criticism from many medical professionals, long term use of hCG came to a screeching halt in the following years. Despite numerous studies and proven case reports about the effectiveness of hCG, the FDA gave the following verdict about the medication and its usage. It states that hCG has not demonstrated to be useful in treating obesity. It also indicates that the weight loss that patients experienced is as a result of caloric restriction and not particularly because of the lengthy use of hCG. It further went on to say that the claim of normal distribution of fat, decrease in hunger and discomfort are not the direct impact of hCG. The FDA made it a mandatory for all doctors and clinics administering hCG to present a legal disclaimer stating the above.

In essence, to answer your question of is hCG legal? Yes. As mentioned earlier, hCG is completely legal to use as long as you have prescription from a medical doctor. Is it a remedy for weight loss? In general, yes because evidence from countries outside the US suggest that it has been successful in treating people with mild and major obesity. The biggest challenge in all these is maintaining a willing attitude to go for the prescription and follow the advice. Know that not everybody’s body reacts in the same way. But don’t underestimate the advice you receive from your doctors. When you take time to find out what it can do and what the side effects you can expect, you discover the best way to lose weight.

Is HCG Legal
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