How to use HCG drops for weight loss. Hcg for men

HCG Diet: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HCG is a hormone that occurs in the human body naturally. Relatively new on the market, HCG diet drops follow the principles of the classic diet protocol of Dr. Simeons that he developed in the 1950s. Thousands, possibly dozens of thousands of people have used the HCG protocol to make the body use accumulated fat as energy and by doing so achieve weight loss.
New customers ask many questions about how to use HCG drops for weight loss and the HCG diet in general. Listed below are some of the most frequent questions we encounter.

Is HCG safe?

It is safe to take HCG diet drops. HCG is a natural hormone synthesized in women during pregnancy. It is common for pregnant women to have particularly high outbursts of HCG without any adverse effects. Those HCG weight loss products that contain low quantities of HCG have a respectively low risk of side effects. Selected HCG dieting products contain no HCG at all but are deliberately designed to emulate the HCG hormone, which helps shed excess weight without side effects from the HCG per se.

Can men take HCG without risk of becoming feminized?

HCG is synthesized in women during pregnancy. As a medication, HCG is applied to boost female fertility. Wide audience is less aware of another domain of HCG usage, which is to enhance the sexual development in young boys with underdeveloped testis. With no regard to application area, the amount of HCG intended for weight loss purposes is too inconsiderable to have any effects listed above. It is safe to take HCG drops for men seeking weight loss. HCG drops will not cause feminization in males.

Who can get on the HCG diet?

With some exceptions, nearly any individual – male or female, young or mature can keep the HCG diet. We do not advise to get on the HCG diet to several groups of individuals including young people under 18, pregnant or nursing women, individuals whose BMI is under 20 and anyone with serious medical conditions (for instance, type I diabetes, heart disease, liver problems, cancer, kidney disease). We suggest that you consult with your physician every time you start a diet or workout program.

Can I just keep a low-calorie diet without HCG?

During the HCG diet, you must limit your daily calorie consumption to just 500 calories while taking HCG diet drops. Intended to reduce hunger and counter typical manifestations of low-calorie diets, HCG diet drops will help to adjust your hypothalamus and, ultimately, your metabolic rate. If you choose to consume 500 calories a day without supporting yourself with HCG diet drops, you will merely be starving yourself—it is a misery. Getting on a more comfortable diet in terms of daily calorie intake, you are unlikely to shed as much weight. For a perfect outcome, both HCG and the 500 calorie diet are essential.

Will I feel hungry keeping the 500-calorie diet?

Many people following the HCG diet suffer very little hunger if any. Hunger can still appear in the first two weeks on the HCG diet; yet eventually, you will start feeling full after eating relatively tiny portions of food. This is by virtue of the massive amounts of calories your body will be obtaining from its excess fat deposits. Following the rules of the two initial loading days when starting the diet will help to suppress hunger during the first several days. There are effective strategies that help mitigate occasional hunger surges during the rest of the diet.

Why I hear so much debate over the HCG diet?

There are several reasons causing wide debate over the HGC diet. First, HCG has not been approved officially as a weight loss medication. Nonetheless, the diet of Dr. Simeons can boast of thousands of success stories, encouraging medical community to prescribe the diet to patients off-label and motivating weightwatchers to look for homeopathic HCG and other alternative products. The key point is that the diet is truly effective for many people.

Second, since HCG is not on the list of the official Homeopathic Pharmacopoiea of the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has recently denied homeopathic HCG its legal status. Be careful with any product that claim to contain homeopathic HCG. Instead, choose alternative homeopathic drugs that can emulate the effect of HCG hormone. These products are equally functional and are absolutely legal.

Third, there are certain nutritionists and doctors, on the conservative side of the spectrum, who express serious concern about very strict calorie restrictions associated with HCG diet. However, the fact is the HCG diet has an excellent safety track record among healthy individuals since it includes sufficient protein and assures proper nutrition. The leading HCG vendors will offer higher-calorie options for those clients who need or prefer them, as well as multivitamin supplements to sustain the diet.

Finally, some individuals are skeptical of any new diet on the market after numerous weight loss scams exposed lately. In case of HCG, you cannot deny the results. As most things in life, HCG diet is not a “silver bullet” solution. A lot of people have achieved results with the HCG diet. You may become one of them.

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How to use HCG drops for weight loss. Hcg for men
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