Headache While Taking HCG Diet Drops

In starting any new diet, side effects may and often times do occur. As your body adjusts to the HCG diet, there is an increased possibility of headaches and other side effects. HDC- human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is found naturally occurring in everyone. More so in pregnant women. This amazing hormone uses stored fat to release calories and is an amazing fat burner! Since HCG only occurs naturally in small quantities, this is where the HCG dietary drops come in to play, to help boost the hormones levels and burn stored fat.

The HCG diet also calls for an extreme cutback on carbohydrate intake. This is because you need your body to concentrate on using stored fat as an energy source. In cutting back on calories and food intake, your body is forced to burn fat faster. When beginning this diet, it can be a shock to the system and can cause the dieter to have an increased chance of experiencing headaches.

Depending on what type of HCG drops you are taking (homeopathic or not) will determine what type of side effects you may encounter. Some other side effects besides a headache included constipation, dizziness, leg cramps and possible hair thinning. Headaches tend to be the most common side effect reported.

The first week of the HCG diet has the biggest probably of a headache occurring due to the substantial change to one’s diet. Your body will have to work much harder to obtain energy from fat stored in your cells. Because of this fact, you have an increased chance of experiencing headaches until your body adjusts to this new routine and diet. Your body must relearn to metabolize in this manner.

To help reduce the number of headaches you experience, you can take over the counter medication to help with the pain. In addition, drinking plenty of water will greatly improve the number and severity of headaches you encounter. Water is essential to digestion and consuming 10 glasses a day or more will greatly increase your chances of not experiencing painful headaches. Magnesium is another natural option. It has been shown to be a safe, effective remedy for headaches. Histamine is a chemical found naturally in the body and in certain foods we eat. Sometimes when levels get too high or cannot break down properly it can cause symptoms such as headaches. Histamine intolerance is not incredibly common but can be a contributing factor to those who are sensitive to it.

After a few weeks, your body should adjust, and you should see the headaches subside. With any new diet or supplement introduced to your body, it takes some getting used to. Drinking lots of water, eating a balanced diet combined with HDC drops should begin to show results in no time. With the passing of time, the headaches should decrease in frequency until they are completely gone. Your body will adapt and remember, headaches are a common and minimal side affect the accompany dietary supplements and usually are not a cause for concern. Should the headaches persist, see your doctor.

Headache While Taking HCG Diet Drops
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