The solution to everyone’s weightloss problem is the use of HCG drops. However, HCG drops are not all made equally. Consumers should only rely on the most reputable and highest quality HCG drops on the market. For that reason, HCG Triumph drops are the answer to everyone’s weightloss problems.

HCG Triumph Diet Drops Review

They’re the most reliable and most reputable HCG drops on the market and consumers are realizing this fact for themselves. Unlike other HCG treatments, HCG Triumph drops don’t require injections. Users simply pop them in their mouths and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maximize weight loss. The oral drops are made with a highly advanced formula that utilizes bioactive ingredients and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

The idea behind HCG based weightloss is over fifty years old. During that time, it’s proven to be effective and easy to implement into nearly everyone’s lifestyle. Triu Naturals has perfected the HCG diet with HCG Triumph and they took the HCG drop formula that has worked for decades and optimized it to be the most effective drop on the market.

How to Take HCG Triumph Diet Drops

HCG Triumph isn’t just a drop that people consume. There is a little commitment needed to truly see the effects of the program. Before this article delves into the science behind HCG Triumph, it’s important to know about the slight commitment.

As stated above, consumers can’t just pop the drop in their mouth and expect immediate results. It’s a quick program, but not that quick. Over the course of twenty six days, there are three stages of dieting that take place to make the HCG Triumph drops work at their best:

  1. During the first stage, users are encouraged to load up on body fat. Readers shouldn’t worry, though. The fat loading stage only lasts for the first two days of the system. During this time, users will load up on fatty foods while consuming the HCG Triumph drops as directed.
  2. After stage one, users are directed to cut back on calorie intake while taking the HCG Triumph drops. The vitamin B12 is also added during this stage. This is the longest part of the program where users are actively losing weight. Stage two takes place between day three and day twenty six of the program. So, it’s roughly a three week process.
  3. Stage three is simple and only requires the user to maintain the weightloss by not overeating. The point of stage three is to get the user’s body used to their new weight. For three weeks, users will simply limit their calorie intake to 1500 calories a day. That’s the average amount of calories that a person should consume in a day. The idea is that after participating in the diet for twenty six days, three weeks of reconditioning the body will lead to the results of the diet remaining. In contrast, most people who simply lose weight by traditional exercise will regain their weight shortly after they stop a workout routine because they didn’t adopt the habits learned during the routine into their life on a long term basis.

What’s In HCG Triumph Drops?

HCG Triumph wasn’t the first HCG drop on the market. However, they tweaked and perfected the tried and true formula to create consistent and meaningful results in their customers. The formula is a complex blend of proven bioactive ingredients with a lot of thought and science behind it:

  • L-Arginine is included in each HCG Triumph drop due to its ability to nourish the muscles and make them heal quicker. It’s commonly used by athletes because of these abilities.
  • L-Carnitine is similar to L-Arginine and it’s extremely common with athletes. L-Carnitine is a helpful feature of HCG Triumph drops because it takes fatty acids and creates energy from them. This has two main effects. Users will burn fat a lot faster than normally, and they’ll feel more energized than usual. It also helps lower blood cholesterol to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • L-Ornithine is another amino acid. Just like the previously mentioned nutrients. However, L-Ornithine is mostly known for helping the body to remove it’s bodily waste. A lot of weight can be shed by simply excreting bodily waste efficiently. It also has a smaller impact on the development of other crucial proteins in the body. When used in conjunction with the other nutrients found in HCG Triumph, the effects are dramatic and optimal.
  • Calcarea Carbonica is a seashell based immune system aid. It will help users stay healthy and avoid common illnesses. Beyond that, it’s also a homeopathic metabolism booster. A metabolism booster speeds up the body’s metabolic processes so calories are spent quickly and more efficiently. It’s a key component that helps weight melt off and stay off.
  • Ammonium Carbonicum is a follow up to Calcarea Carbonica. It also helps with preventing common illnesses, but a positive side effect of it is that it boosts the user’s energy.
  • All of these components are glued together by USP Purified Water and USP Kosher Grain Alcohol. These two ingredients don’t have an active effect, but they ensure that the other ingredients are properly bound together.
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