HCG diet Apple Day

The diet using HCG drops is extremely effective in helping people lose a lot of weight. However, sometimes even people who carefully follow the diet plan provided in the work of Dr. Simeons called “Pounds and Inches”, encounter the problems of non-linear weight loss. This dieting issue can be successfully addressed by organizing yourself an HCG apple day.

Dr. Simeons has stated that a weight-loss stop is a period when a person who is dieting hasn’t lost any weight for several days. This stop is more likely to happen during a phase 2 of the HCG diet plan and it can last for 4 to 6 days. Due to the rapid weight-loss, the fat cells in the body get filled with water with the intention of needing them in the future. People who lose weight quickly get used to seeing the weight-loss progress every single day and can become disappointed in the diet plan if nothing happens for several days. Dr. Simeons has created a HCG diet apple day specifically for such people in order to help their bodies get rid of the excessive amount of water.

Apple day on HCG according to Dr. Simeon’s plan begins with the breakfast consisting of a cup of tea without sugar and no food. The actual apple part of the day starts at lunch and continues for 24 hours. Also, there is a restriction regarding the apple day. HCG diet is accompanied by the use of HCG drops, so the apple day should only be organized on the day when the drops are taken. In this manner, you cannot start an apple eating day during the last three days of the HCG diet when the drops are not prescribed.

During an apple day on HCG, a dieter should take his HCG drops, but limit his consumption of food to six big apples and water. When it comes to apples, they can be eaten at any time throughout the apple day period, but you should only drink enough water to satisfy thirst. Excessive thirst should not be a problem, as the apple juice is generally enough to keep a person hydrated.

The excess water in the body doesn’t return after resuming a 500-calorie diet the next day. Afterwards, the dieter will notice that he loses weight just the way he did before the stop. This is a great idea to reassure oneself that the diet continues to be effective.

HCG diet Apple Day
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