Hair Loss on HCG Diet

The Truth about Hair Loss with the HCG Diet

There are diets everywhere, and here is a different one you might want to try. The HCG Diet. The HCG Diet is basically an injection you get of the HCG hormone. Doctor’s found that during pregnancy the HCG hormone in a woman’s body helps burn the fat on her body to give ample nutrition to her child during pregnancy. They found that women who had little access to food were able to carry a full term healthy baby thanks to this hormone. There is one drawback to the HCG diet which happens during pregnancy and that is hair loss. Here is some information about the hair loss on the HCG diet.

The main thing to remember about the hair loss with HCG is that it is not permanent. Once you are injected and follow all the guidelines for the diet, you can lose 20-30 pounds. Of course, all the guidelines of the diet have to be followed in order for weight loss to occur. Not everyone who goes on the HCG diet will experience hair loss. For those who experience hair loss, the good news is that hair just grows back.

The hair loss on the diet has to do with the hormonal swing. People who take the holistic HCG injection report much less hair loss. You will be on the hormone for about a month. When you are off the hormone the hair grows back in two to three months. There has never been a report of major hair loss. The hair loss on the diet could be considered more as hair thinning as is normal after pregnancy.

There have been attempts to combat the hair loss on the diet, but there has been no solution. The weight loss on the diet is the most important part of the diet. Once the weight has dropped and you are no longer on the injections, then your hair will start to grow back. Weight loss is not easy especially over 40 years of age. Sometimes there is a drawback with a weight loss solution. With HCG the drawback of hair loss is only a temporary one.

The success stories of people on the HCG diet far outweigh the dissatisfaction with the hair loss. Our bodies always go through a change when losing a massive amount of weight. Unfortunately, our bodies hate to lose weight so we have to get a little extra help in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off. Some people are lucky and have complete control over their lifestyle which helps them stay thin and fit. Most people have irregular schedules and eating habits that make it hard to keep a fit and trim body. The HCG diet is the help you can get to lose weight.

It is important to note again that hair grows back within two to three months. The hair loss on the diet is just like after a woman finishes pregnancy and the hormone fluctuation affects the hair. Not all who use HCG will experience hair loss. There is no way to tell whether someone will experience hair loss on the diet or not. Someone with a thick head of hair before going on HCG will probably barely notice their hair loss.

Staying fit and active throughout life is important to staying young. Keeping a proper weight through our years from 40 and on is the best way to combat heart disease and other ailments. The HCG diet is a natural way to help burn the bodies fat stores to slim down. There might be hair loss for some people on the diet, but the hair grows back. Anyone who struggles with weight loss, the HCG diet just may be the diet that works for you.

Hair Loss on HCG Diet
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