HCG Diet Grocery List

Here’s What You Need For The Perfect Hcg Diet Grocery List

The Hcg diet is a combination diet combining a low-calorie eating plan-usually about 500 calories daily with a daily injection of or consumption of drops of human chorionic gonadotropin to achieve an average weight loss of almost a pound a day in a single month. The Hcg diet plan has been proven to deliver solid weight loss at a moderate price.

The diet plan provides all the details needed for starting solid weight loss journey without feelings of hunger that often come with beginning a weight loss journey. Several healthy fruits, vegetables, and meats are allowed for consumption with the Hcg diet. Dieters who plan to begin the Hcg diet will want to carefully follow instructions and consultations included with their diet plan as well as maintain a healthy low-calorie schedule.

One of the best ways to maintain the healthy eating schedule that you create in phase 2 of the Hcg diet is through the addition of plain spices. Spices can help add flavor to plain meals to give your changing body the taste it craves. Beware that plain spices are fine to include in the diet, but diets should stay away from store-bought spices that
contain the following:


They should instead focus on consuming natural fresh spices with their meals such as:

Be sure to avoid most store-bought brands of spices, chemical additions in these types of spices can slow down weight loss making it especially important to seek all-natural seasonings. Another solid tip for purchasing seasonings for during your Hcg diet is always check the ingredients for oils, fruit juice, starches, and maltodextrin.

Eat right, feel right
Consuming healthy food during an Hcg diet is extremely important making it important to understand the types of foods which can be consumed. Be sure to purchase fresh, natural foods that are organically sourced to give a consumption level of no more than 500 calories per day. It is important to understand how to spread out these calories during the day, the foods eaten during phase two of the diet have been carefully chosen to help you lose weight.

Before beginning to purchase these Hcg diet foods, it’s important to consider your personal dietary needs. Dieters who have certain conditions or have certain food allergies will need to consultation to create a more personalized Hcg diet grocery list tailored to meet their specific needs. Consider investing in a small kitchen scale for measuring out food portions, especially lean meats, and other proteins.


For protein, focus on eating 200 grams per day. But, only 100 grams per meal. Be sure to trim off fats while also not cooking anything on the bone. Protein-rich food for the Hcg diet include:
White fish
Lean beef
Chicken (with any fat and/or gristle removed)
3 egg whites

Vegetables are important of any phase 2 Hcg eating plan, but they should also be on a plate regardless of your dieting status. During an Hcg phase two eating plan there is a bit more variety for the types of vegetables consumed. Break down vegetables into portions and don’t consume them all during a sitting. Vegetables to include in an Hcg phase two eating plan include:

Fruits consumed during an Hcg diet plan should be consumed in moderation because they are slight high in sugar. Fruits are part of a healthy diet. Only these types of fruit should be consumed during Hcg diet phase 2. They include the following for two servings per day:
Addtional supplies

Supplements can be included in the Hcg diet under a diet coach’s advice. Other ingredients add to a successful Hcg diet grocery list should include:
A food scale to measure portion sizes
Sandwich sized freezer bags
Apple cider vinegar
Melatonin for a better sleep experience

Do you have any secret ingredients that you include in your personal Hcg diet grocery list? If so, be sure to comment and let us know!

HCG Diet Grocery List
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