HCG Drops Versus HCG Injections

What Is HCG?

Maybe you’re heard about hCG, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a potential weight loss treatment when combined with an ultra-low-calorie diet of 500 calories per day. hCG tricks the hypothalamus into causing bodily reactions to hyper-produce progesterone and estrogen and to stimulate testosterone in men. hCG is produced by the placenta of a pregnant women and is the key marker in blood and urine tests for pregnancy. The hormone causes a reaction in the body to thicken blood vessels and tissues surrounding the placenta to protect the baby. When given to men or non-pregnant women on a very low calorie diet it causes the body to target the flushing of excess body fat, or adipose tissue. Dr. Albert Simeons, practicing at Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome, Italy, discovered the effects of hCG on pregnant women experiencing malnutrition and obese boys in India. He started recommending low-dose (125 IU) daily hCG supplementation. He combined this with a high-protein low-carbs diet of 500 calories per day., The combination caused the disposal of excessive fat deposits by the body without any loss of lean muscle tissue.

Pharmaceutical Grade HCG Injections

There are several methods of application for hCG; injection, drops, inhalers and spray. Amounts of hCG may not be measured accurately on application for nose or breath introduction so these are not preferred methods. The premise is that mists will gain access to blood vessels in the nose and lungs but much is lost on exhalation. This is why injection and drops are preferred methods of introduction to the body. Prescription hCG is only available to physicians. When you see a doctor for evaluation he will discuss the extremely limited diet you will have while on the program which will last 3-6 weeks with a couple week recovery period before a re-evaluation to continue or not.

Once in the program you will receive an injection to begin and be instructed how to self inject with the syringe of refrigerated hCG .each day. The injection insures the hormone is injected straight into the blood for quick distribution throughout the body. Since all studies performed on hCG use this method to administer hCG this is the method preferred by most physicians,. It is believed that the instant cellular access is better for the distribution into cells. The hormone stimulates processing by organs and glands to activate fat cell shrinkage or loss.

Besides the added costs of prescription hCG by injection there are side effects. Side effects of pain, bruising, injection site discoloration and irritation have been reported. Infections have occurred. If you save money and the doctor agrees for you to perform self injection instead of daily injection visits you are more at risk for these side effect symptoms. You may purchase hCG and supplies with a prescription at a pharmacy, directly from the doctor or at a reputable online pharmacy. You will be responsible to keep everything sterile and properly refrigerated, acquire sterile supplies and follow accepted disposal of used materials contaminated by the injection process. Calls to several insurance providers did not reveal any carriers who currently covered this weight loss method.

Pharmaceutical Grade HCG Drops

Instead of injections you may opt for sublingual drops, especially if you cannot perform proper injections yourself. Any medication applied under the tongue (sublingual) is absorbed quickly into the blood stream. Ever heard of treating a heart attack or stoke by placing a crushed aspirin under the tongue? This is the same effect. This gets needed treatment into a person’s system quickly. A little slower than injection but no side effects. Sublingual administration takes a little longer to make sure hCG is not swallowed but correctly dissolved under the tongue but you avoid infections, needle pain and infection site issues. Some prescriptions come with higher concentrations of hCG in case not all is received into the system by blood absorption.

Liquid form hCG may be picked by prescription from a doctor, retail pharmacy or reputable licensed online pharmacy. These must remain refrigerated and begin deteriorating as soon as opened. If you have the option you should get individual doses to keep any remaining dosage completely sterile. Since hCG must be kept refrigerated you may have to arrange several visits to the pharmacy regardless of chosen application method. If you decide to get your dosages from other sources like many bodybuilders seeking to add lean muscle be sure to use reputable suppliers. If the hCG dosage is homeopathic, labeled as hCG Peptides or homeopathic hCG or can be obtained without a prescription it is doubtful you are receiving any real hCG.

Using sublingual application of hCG is as effective as injection when administered correctly.. No needles, syringes and sterile pads are needed. Using drops is more convenient and may be done anywhere. The drops are usually cheaper in small bottles with a dropper for application but remember to keep the dropper sterile. The option for injection or sublingual administration is yours to be made after discussion with your physician. It is suggested you review the short list of foods and the amounts you may eat while on a hCG program. This is severely limited to two meals per day at 250 calories per meal. You must follow the entire program strictly if you want to experience results.

Summary of HCG Weight Loss Treatments

We know that hCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women in high concentrations during the first three months of pregnancy. Presence of hCG sends messages causing the body to protect the fetus. When hCG is administered to any body that is limited to a very low calorie high-protein, low-carbs, no-fat diet the body dissolves excess fat leaving lean muscle untouched. Following a strict regimen under a doctor’s supervision using prescription grade hCG and following the strict diet may produce a 1-2 pound per day fat loss. Your options for using are by injection directly into the blood stream or drops absorbed under the tongue. If you want to get started with this method of weight loss consult your medical professional for more information.

HCG Drops Versus HCG Injections
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