HCG diet plan phase 1 food list and options

Food Options for Phase 1 of the HCG Diet

HCG diet plan phase 1 is the time period, when you should eat the most fattening food products you possibly can. It might seem surprising, but this process will help you lose weight while you go through the diet program.

The HCG phase 1 should last for the first two days of the diet plan. These days are created with the intention of helping people restore the reserves of fat, the amount of which is often low among overweight people because of their dieting habits. Also, this is the time when you should start taking HCG drops.

Information about HCG phase 1 mostly focuses on the importance of consuming foods high in fat, but avoiding an excessive consumption of sugar. But, Dr. Simeons hasn’t stated what exactly we should eat during this phase. The doctor only stressed the importance of eating the most fattening foods you can, that’s why foods filled with sugar are actually quite a good option.

Moreover, there were patients in Dr. Simeons practice who couldn’t eat a lot of foods due to psychological reasons. Some people were convinced that their stomachs have reduced in size due to their prolonged dieting attempts. It is not actually possible for the stomach to reduce in size, but in such cases Dr. Simeons recommended his patients a HCG phase 1 food list, which contained highly concentrated foods. The list includes foods, such as pastries with whipped cream, milk chocolate, bacon, fried meat, eggs, mayonnaise and bread with butter. Such products enable patients to eat less, but still get the same amount of fat and sugar, which helps them increase the fat reserves stored in the body.

Typical Diet Plan for HCG phase 1

The first thing you should do on the morning of the first day of the HCG phase 1 is to take the dose of HCG drops and weigh yourself. After that, you can start eating whatever the tasty and fattening food you want. Here are some great breakfast, lunch and dinner options for the beginning of your HCG diet.


Great breakfast ideas include preparing a bagel with cream cheese on top accompanied by bacon and sausage. Afterwards, make yourself an omelet with cheese.

After Breakfast Snack

For a snack you can eat something sweet, for instance a donut with whipped cream. If you want to, you can add some fresh fruit or berries.


For a lunch you can opt for fried meat, especially pork, potato with cheese or sour cream.

Midday Snack

Midday snack ideas can include a milk shake, a piece of cake or ice-cream with cookies.


For a filling dinner you can have pasta with cheese and garlic bread accompanied by a salad with avocados. Cheesecake would be a great idea for a high-calorie desert.

Before Bed Snack

Before going to bed you can drink cappuccino, eat more ice-cream or anything else you might want. The larger the amount of fat in these foods, the better will be the results.

Other Options

There is a lot of information available on low-calorie foods, which belong to the next phases of the diet plan, but here we provide our own HCG diet food list. Phase 1 includes food products, which are high in calories, such as meals containing meat (beef pies, burgers, hamburgers, hot dogs, pork, pizza, corn dogs, and fried chicken), pastries and sweets (cakes, doughnuts, whipped cream, cookies, chocolate, butter cookies, and others). Healthier options include avocados, macadamia nuts, guacamole, olive oil and rice.

Obviously, this is not a complete HCG food list. Phase 1 should not be a difficult period as long as you stick to eating fattening foods and taking HCG drops.

HCG diet plan phase 1 food list and options
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