E-drops developed by the company Anumed once claimed that they contain HCG, but their products no longer claim this ingredient which is intended to help facilitate weight loss. This homeopathic product was developed and advertised as such, which has been misleading to consumers looking to maintain their weight. This product is not listed in the 10 HCG drops list, and contains no HCG.

Anumed E HCG Drops Review

Anumed claims that their drops both support fat loss and metabolism, but these vague statements are not backed up by any statistical information. There is very little information provided by the company on their website, and a deeper look into the ingredients list shows that the claims that are being made by this company are unsubstantiated.

There are few ingredients listed in the formula, and it is difficult to ascertain how effective they will be in any weight loss program. There are other variables that come into play also, including diet and exercise. If no other variables are taken into consideration, the chances that the ingredients listed alone will have an amazing impact on metabolism and weight loss is slim.

The formula consists of a list of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. These include: L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine, and L-Arginine. Since the summer of 2017, the company has not listed HCG in their formula composition.

Although there are versions of the product that contain the HCG available on the internet, buyer beware. These products could be altered, fake, unsold bottles due to damage, etc. The real Anumed E drops have three amino acids listed in their ingredients that you should be aware of.

Anumed E HCG Diet Drops Ingredients

There are three primary amino acids listed in the Anumed e-drops that are intended to help with fat loss and an increase in metabolism:

  1. Your body produces a amino acid called L-Carnitine, which naturally burns fat. Inside if your cells, there is a power house that runs, called the mitochondria. The job of this amino acid is to move fatty acids into the mitochondria to be burned for power. This provides you with extra energy and increases muscle mass and physical performance.
  2. Another amino acid that plays an important role is L-Ornithine. This amino acid’s job is to clean extra nitrogen, which helps your liver and kidneys. Used primary for detoxification, this amino acid plays an important role in the body’s function. Although it does not build muscle mass or enhance energy, it is still vital.
  3. The final amino acid that is listed is L-Arginine, which helps to build muscles through protein synthesis. This means that it puts proteins together, which builds muscle mass. If you build more muscle, you will burn more fat naturally. This is true, even while you are resting. Your body will need the energy and it will turn to your fat sources when carbohydrates from food are not available. Having this amino acid means you are building muscles, which will increase your resting metabolism.

Anumed E HCG Drops Pros and Cons


  1. Safe ingredients: there are only three listed, and they are natural amino acids that are produced by the body. They are somewhat effective in helping the body to build muscle, which promotes a slight enhancement in the body’s ability to boost metabolism.
  2. American College of Homeopathy backs the claims of this product. However, there is no confirmation of this claim, other than from the company.


  1. The price is $80 and the company does not offer any discounts. In comparison, some of the best HCG drops like HCG Complex are much less expensive and the company offers a buy one get one deal.
  2. Only three ingredients are listed.  In comparison, HCG Complex has five amino acids listed, including HCG, along with 13 other ingredients. This seems much more realistic when looking at ingredients for a supplement.

When looking at customer reviews and satisfaction, the e-drops rate about a “D” with only 637 out of 1000 buyers being satisfied. One bottle lasts just about 18 days, when customers believe it should last a month.

Where to buy Anumed E HCG Diet Drops

The company’s website is always the most accurate source of information, and if you are looking to purchase Anumed e-Drops Weight Management Formula products, their official website is the only safe place that you can count on.

The ingredients listed on the company’s website does not list HCG as an ingredient in their e-drops, which leads us to believe that they have now removed that ingredient from their product. However, if you are looking at other websites, such as Amazon, Walmart and other ecommerce sites, the ingredient HCG is still listed, which may not be accurate, and therefore, you may not only be misled, you may be buying a fake product which may not be safe.

Your best bet is to find a sure fire product, like HCG drops from HCG Complex, so that you know what you are buying, and that you know that it will be effective.

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