Alcohol on HCG diet

Since the inception of the HCG Protocol in 1954, many people have shed tremendous amounts of weight. For a while the HCG Protocol went out of fashion, but has recently regained popularity.

Many professionals have tried to recreate the protocol with small changes. Some have made changes because of their personal experience and others because of what they thought. Dr Simeons stated that the most tiresome of his patients would come up with all kinds of smart changes in order to suit their purpose. One of the most asked questions is about the use of alcohol while on the protocol. Many doctors who have patients that are using hcg do not advise the use of alcohol. Some doctors advise that if one chooses certain types of alcohol in small amounts that it is permissible and will not slow down or stop the weight loss.

According to the FDA hcg, injections from a doctor should come with a diagnosis of a medical condition. FDA has approved hcg as a prescription drug for the treatment of female medical conditions like infertility. It is not approved for weight loss. In this instance the caveat of alcohol would not apply. When one is on homeopathic hcg
it is not advised to consume alcohol because it can interfere with the action of the remedy.

In Pounds & Inches by Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons one can obtain the original reccomendation for the use of hcg. Dr Simeons advised that while on hcg one should drink only, tea, coffee, plain water, and mineral water.

DR Simeons described obesity as a disorder. Some scientist refer to alcohol as a poison and other scientist say that alcohol is good for health and helps one to live longer. If alcohol is truly a poison and obesity is a disorder, the two do not mix.
Is alcohol a drug or a poison? It depends on who you ask. Dr Simeons stated that he treated a number of persons who were formerly alcoholics and when they took the smallest amount of alcohol while under hcg treatment became intoxicated. For many hcg causes the desire of alcohol to go away. If hcg causes the desire for alcohol to go away, we have a great benefit.

It is said that alcohol does not contain a significant amount of nutrients. Some say that alcohol contains a negligible amount of vitamins and minerals. If a beer has 100 calories and you are allowed only 500 calories on the HCG Protocol per day, why would you waist 100 beneficial calories?

It is medically proven that alcohol wreaks havoc on the immune system and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier. Actually ethanol is the tiny molecule of alcohol that passes into the spaces of your brain cells. This stimulates ones behavior. It is known that alcohol stimulates the appetite. Whether on hcg or not, it is best to eat before drinking alcohol. Alcohol can cause one to crave salty, greasy and high calorie foods. Drinking can easily cause one to overlook portion controls.

Alcohol is accused of destroying brain cells. Alcohol is believed to disrupt communication between the nerve cells. Also alcohol suppresses
brain receptors and interferes with nerve pathways.

Alcohol drinking is a disorder. We should carefully think about our relationship with drinking alcohol when we can’t abstain for 40 days to complete the HCG Protocol. One has to decide for himself if a few drinks is worth wrecking the benefits of the protocol. I would recommend that one read Pounds & Inches, the original protocol before beginning.

Drinking alcohol has become to some a cultural and social pastime. Alcohol is considered empty calories and dehydrates the cells. Our liver has a primary function of filtering out toxins and poisons that the body does not need. The liver can’t
metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates if it is overwhelmed with detoxifying alcohol.

If we plan to drink alcohol while using hcg, we need to make a plan so that we can be successful. Eat before drinking and in social settings carry a glass of lemon and mineral water in your hand all evening. Full hands can’t reach for snacks. It is
best to avoid alcohol while on hcg.

Alcohol on HCG diet
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