Hcg diet without hcg. 3 day apple diet

An Apple Day as a Boost and Complex Approach to HCG Drops Diet
HCG drops diet is aimed at systematic loss of weight and slimming down. We are talking about a significant result and not just a few kilograms. As every nutritional methodology, this course also has its ups and downs, that’s why some of the dieters may be concern or even depressed when they stop shedding weight. But don’t give up if you follow all Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ rules and recommendations from his work “Pounds and Inches.”

In his work, Dr. Simeons described it as HCG plateau i.e. a period of weight stagnancy. It’s a common occurrence on the second stage of the program, which is the hardest one. Unproductive period can last up to a whole week. Losing weight is a huge stress for our body. It experiences hard times and is unwilling to part with strategic stocks of fat cells. Instead the body chooses to fill fat cells with water to keep them in reserve. In order to overcome the deadlock and continue the course of weight loss, Dr. Simeons decided to implement the apple diet.

According to the apple diet plan, breakfast may include green tea with no sugar. The only food is to be an apple at lunch. The next one goes after 24 hours. This means the same time the following day. The main Dr. Simeons’ rule is that an apple diet is to follow HCG drops course. At the same time, apple diet is not advisable at the end of the course.

At the end of the HCG course, the dieter continues taking HCG, while the only thing he or she can now consume is apples and water. Here starts 3 day apple diet. That is a special counter measure for the standard protocol when a dieter has six large apples and water as a main course. It stands for apple diet only and dieter may eat an apple whenever he feels hungry. Water is limited in this 24 hour period, but shouldn’t be avoided if you feel thirsty. Body takes from the fruits all the essential water and dieter feels no dehydration. The main aim is to reduce the excess water within the cells.

Dieter may be sure that the excess water won’t come back when HCG diet without HCG resumes. The process of weight loss will resume according to plan. When pounds and inches are melting away you know that you have taken the right course.
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Hcg diet without hcg. 3 day apple diet
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