Losing weight can be an incredibly difficult task for people of every age and level of fitness. Unfortunately, fad diets rise up from the depths of the internet in order to waste the time of these individuals who are so in need. While fad diets tend to give the dieting industry a bad name, we are here to point you toward an actual weight-loss solution in the form of HCG diet drops. HCG drops have been scientifically proven to be effective in helping people of all ages and fitness levels to lose weight. Knowing this, we need to understand everything possible about HCG as a weight-loss supplement in order to maximize its impact on our own dieting journey.

HCG diet drops have taken the market by storm and they are providing people with hope and relief as they journey through the weightloss world. While HCG drops have been found to be effective for countless people all over the planet, there is still plenty of misinformation going around regarding the dietary supplement. Let’s dig into the truth behind HCG drops so that you can learn everything that you need to know in order to lose weight and keep it off. We are going to start with an introductory overview about HCG drops before digging into our review of the Top 11 HCG Drops For Weight Loss so that you can know which drops to buy for your own use.

1. What Are HCG Drops?

HCG drops are dietary supplements that are taken on a routine basis in order to offer your body a steady supply of a substance known as HCG. HCG is the core chemical, though that word isn’t quite right, in the formulation that you are ingesting. We’ll get into the science of the HCG at a later point in our discussion. For now, you just need to know that HCG drops can be combined with a specialized diet, which we will talk about below, in order to promote healthy weight loss that even the most stubborn of dieters have been unable to match.

There is plenty of information surrounding HCG drops on the internet and no shortage of websites that will promise you the world if you purchase the drops that they are trying to sell to you. While we don’t doubt that there are plenty of incredible HCG suppliers out there, we also know that there are plenty that is trying to take advantage of you.

2. The Science Of Weight Loss With HCG.

HCG dietary supplements may appear to be relatively new on the market, but they are actually backed by extensive scientific research that dates back several decades. In fact, you can trace HCG as a scientifically backed supplement for weight loss all the way to a concept known as the Simeons HCG Method, which we will dig into later on in our discussion.

Also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), HCG is a hormone that is produced by the female body during pregnancy. HCG is actually used as a tell-tale sign of pregnancy in women who are trying to conceive. For that reason, if you do any research on HCG by yourself, you’ll come across a plethora of publications all focused on the fertility aspect of this specific hormone.

While the vast majority of weight loss plans that you research on the internet will be closely tied to fads and pseudoscience, HCG actually has significant scientific research behind it. While we mentioned that HCG is tied to the female body’s pregnancy period, it should also be quickly noted that HCG can be cultivated while in a lab setting by scientists utilizing modern technology. Don’t worry, you’re not actually taking a hormone supplement from some stranger’s body. With that out of the way, what does HCG actually do to your body?

If you’ve done any tertiary research on weight loss, you’ve likely ended up reading plenty of information regarding metabolism. A speedy metabolism, which most of us were blessed with as children, helps your body to continually burn away fat so that you can lose weight with ease. As we age, our metabolism slows down and those same dietary techniques from our childhood will now become quite problematic. While genetics and diet can play a role in your metabolism, you don’t have to leave the idea up to chance. This is where HCG comes into play.

Thanks to modern scientific advancements, HCG can help to play a role in resetting your metabolism. HCG acts in its own unique way in order to help your body shed itself of fat buildup. How is this done? Quite simply, actually. The hormone HCG will act as a booster to your hypothalamus, a region of your brain that is responsible for doing all sorts of wonderful and important things. With HCG boosting your hypothalamus gland, your body will be more able to regulate the rate of your metabolism even when you are dieting.

Your HCG drops end up playing an absolutely vital role to the reduction of fat build up and the sped up rate of weight-loss. However, even if you take your HCG supplement regularly, you still need to attack your weight-loss in a couple of different ways. Let’s go ahead and move our discussion toward the HCG Diet as a whole. As you will soon find out, you need to do more than just ingest your daily HCG in order to shed those stubborn pounds.

A. How Does The HCG Diet Actually Work?

So, we are at the point in our discussion where we have a solid scientific foundation for why human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG) can work to help you lose some weight. We’ve covered the fact that HCG is a human hormone that is found during pregnancy and that it can also be crafted within a scientific lab. We’ve established that HCG also works with your hypothalamus in order to reboot your metabolism in order to give you an advantage when it comes to burning away some of that stubborn fat. So, at this point in time, you should be ready to take your HCG drops and move on with your life, right? Not quite. As it turns out, in order to maximize the effectiveness of HCG, you need to incorporate the entire HCG diet. If you’ve heard of the HCG diet but aren’t familiar with its complexities, you’ve come to the right place.

The HCG diet was initially popularized by an endocrinologist named Albert T.W. Simeons. Simeons suggested that HCG could be used alongside a low-calorie diet in order to attack weight-loss at its core. As you know, one of the largest determining factors in weight loss is how many calories you are consuming. If you want to gain weight, stack calories. If you want to lose weight, cut down your calories. Simeons took this concept and he pushed it a step further by attacking what we now would call an ‘ultra-low calorie’ diet.

An ultra-low-calorie diet, which we will get into in more detail later on, essentially helps to push your body toward burning fat at an expedited rate. By limiting your calories and ingesting HCG diet drops, you are able to guide your body toward a reduction in fat retention while speeding up your own weight loss routine. By combining HCG drops with a reduced calorie diet, people have found that they’ve lost more weight than any other competing diet routine. In some cases, people reported losing upwards of 20 to 30 pounds by the end of their HCG diet drop regiment.

We should take time now to point out that the HCG diety has not been endorsed by the FDA, but it has been endorsed by numerous people of all ages, weights and fitness levels. Sometimes the proof that we seek for an effective solution is right in front of us. Now that we have some superficial knowledge on the HCG diet plan, we can spread our discussion toward an example routine for an actual HCG diet drops plan.

B. What Is The Basic HCG Diet Drops Plan?

Trying to divorce diet from weight loss is a concept that just simply does not work. If you want to succeed in shrugging off that troublesome midsection then you are going to need to commit to the entire HCG diet drops plan. While HCG is a great supplement that can have a standalone impact, true results are going to require strict adherence to a complete setup of diet instructions. We are going to dig deeper into the work of Dr. Simeons so that you can understand the steps that you need to take in order to find weight loss success with your HCG diet drops. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

1. Calorie Restrictions:

You are going to start out your diet by deciding on the correct calorie restrictions for your weight loss routine. Dr. Simeons wrote the original HCG diet around the concept of a 500 calorie restriction. 500 calories is an incredibly strict regulation of your daily nutritional intake and as such, it can have severe results for your weight loss routine. With that being said, 500 calories as a dietary limitation may be too strict for most people who are looking to ease into a new diet. We suggest taking a more updated approach to your calorie restriction by sticking to just 700 calories per day. You’ll still find incredible weight loss results but the effort won’t be as severe and the adjustment period won’t be as difficult.

2. Dietary Restrictions:

Alongside your HCG drops and your calorie restriction, you must get into the habit of controlling the types of calories that you are ingesting. It doesn’t need to be said but we’ll still say it: calories are not all made in equal fashion. 100 calories of a donut are really different than 100 calories of chicken and rice. What do we mean by this? Well, there is a very specific set of foods that you are going to want to pursue consuming.

Approved HCG Diet Foods:
– Fruits: Strawberries, Apples, Grapefruit, Oranges.
– Vegetables: All greens, Cucumbers, Onions, Tomatoes.
– Meat: Stick to lean meat such as chicken breast, ground beef, white fish and even lobster.

Stay Away From These Foods:
– Fat Filled Foods: Anything drenched in oil, all fatty meats, and fish.
– Starch Filled Veggies: Skip out on the potatoes.
– Sugar: Avoid sugar at all costs.
– Processed Foods: Just stay away, they re chemical filled calorie bombs.

As with any diets, you also want to make sure to drink plenty of water while avoiding sugary beverages. Additionally, you’ll probably want to skip out on eating take-out as much as possible. The reason for skipping takeout food is pretty simple: you have no idea how much salt and fat is drenching the food that you get from your favorite restaurant. The impact of salt and fat on a weight loss diet cannot be understated, especially if you are trying to follow a low-calorie diet.

By sticking to this low-calorie diet plan, you should be able to see a dramatic impact on your weight loss routine within a relatively short time period. While consuming your new special diet, you will also be taking care to follow your daily HCG supplement intake suggestions.

While all HCG supplements are a little bit different, each brand will insist on daily intake. Before we get too deep into analyzing the top HCG supplements available for your weight loss routine, we need to talk about the key differences between different types of HCG on the market. As you’ll soon find out, all HCG supplements are not made equal. In fact, they aren’t even all made of the same stuff.

C. Homeopathic Vs Non-Homeopathic Real HCG Drops.

At this point in our discussion, you should have a relatively solid understanding of HCG as a hormone supplement and the HCG diet plan. With this information, you’d likely be more than ready to go out and begin your weight loss journey in earnest. With that being said, however, there is still a little more information for you to consume. Now, today, we are going to be talking about the two major types of HCG drops on the market: Homeopathic HCG Drops vs. Real HCG Drops. While these two products may sound similar, the truth is that they are so fully different from one another so as not to even be the same thing. Let’s start by talking about Homeopathic HCG drops.

1. Homeopathic HCG Drops:

The word ‘homeopathic’ relates directly to the concept of natural, alternative medicine. The core concept of homeopathic medicine is that it is a more natural and reliable form of medication versus the chemical medications that we are taking today. When it relates to homeopathic HCG drops, the truth is actually the opposite. Homeopathic HCG drops are drops that are available over-the-counter. While taking homeopathic medication might sound good, the truth is that there is no scientific evidence that this kind of medication actually works. In fact, scientists performed a blind study where subjects were given homeopathic HCG drops and a complete placebo. The HCG drops performed only marginally better than the group taking the placebo.

What is wrong with homeopathic HCG drops? That’s a big question and one that’ll require digging into some real analysis. When researchers studied homeopathic HCG drops that were developed by ‘potentization’, a practice unique to the world of homeopathy, these scientists found that there were only trace amounts of HCG left in the supplement. For the most part, users were basically ingesting a placebo with an HCG label tagged on top of it. In fact, the majority of users who lost weight via homeopathic HCG drops found that the weight quickly piled back on after quitting consumption of the supplement. We aren’t saying that all homeopathic medications are garbage and we certainly aren’t saying to disregard homeopathic HCG completely. We just want to provide you with all of the necessary information as it pertains to HCG drops.

2. Real HCG Drops:

Alright, now we’re talking about real HCG drops. Real HCG drops, also known as non-homeopathic HCG drops, are an order of magnitude more effective than the homeopathic HCG variety. Real HCG drops are typically going to require you to get a prescription from a doctor or else you’ll have to scour our list of quality HCG diet drops below. Real HCG drops have a measurable amount of HCG in the bottle which means that you are assuredly getting the chemical component that you need in order to derive the benefits that HCG is so well known for.

If you are curious as to whether or not you are looking at a real bottle of HCG drops or a bottle of homeopathic ‘fake’ drops, you can shift your eyes to the back of the bottle. When looking at the ingredient list on the back of the bottle you should be able to find a qualifier for how much HCG is in the supplement. If the quantity of HCG starts with ‘1x, 2x or 3x’ then you know that this is a fake bottle of HCG drops. HCG isn’t measured in any kind of multiplier number.

We’ve outlined the two major types of HCG drops by sorting them into homeopathic and non-homeopathic categories. It should also be stated that you can pursue your HCG drops from a licensed medical professional. When you are choosing your HCG weight drops, you need to pay close attention to what your goals actually are. We’ll get deeper into this concept in a later section, but just understand that your goals should dictate the supplement that you take. If you are trying to shave off a couple of quick pounds then you can probably get away with homeopathic drops. If you are aiming at losing a lot of weight, then consider prescription ‘real’ HCG drops. Prescription HCG drops from a certified medical professional will be the most powerful option that you have.

Now that we’ve outlined the key differences between the major options of HCG drops on the market, let’s start turning our attention toward picking the actual best options available to you. In the following sections, you will find a guide on how to select and use the right HCG drops for your personal needs. You will also find our Top 11 List of Best HCG Drops available on the market.

3. The Top 11 HCG Drops For Weight Loss.

We are now getting right into the good portion of our discussion on HCG drops. We have spent plenty of time in order to outline a foundation of knowledge that you can personally use in order to make the right purchase for your specific weight loss needs. However, before we showcase our Top 11 Best HCG Drops to you, we want to give you a few more tools that will be absolutely vital to successfully make your HCG diet drop purchase. Before we showcase our top HCG drop options, let’s first show you how we selected each option on our list.

A. How Did We Choose The Best HCG Drops?

Take a moment to search the internet for HCG diet drops and you’ll find literally thousands upon thousands of pages filled to the brim with products and information. Among this ocean of information, you’ll be able to find a few great products. However, you’ll also run into more than a couple of awful products that are just masquerading as effective solutions to your weight loss needs. We combed through those pages using the guide below in order to come up with the best HCG drops available in order to help you with your weight loss goals. Let’s break down our selection process step-by-step.

1) Looking Closely At Ingredients.

In order to have a completely honest look at all of the HCG diet drops that we believe in, we must first start by inspecting the quality of ingredients located in each individual bottle. As we highlighted above in our discussion of homeopathic and non-homeopathic diet drops, there is a very real disparity between the HCG levels between products.

While we first look at all of the ingredients on a list in order to find how much HCG is in each actual bottle, that isn’t the only aspect that we are paying attention to. We must also look at the other ingredients on the bottle as there are going to be different blends of weight loss ingredients out there. We focus on sorting the different ingredients available based on what categories that they fit in: Hunger suppression, fat burner, micronutrient, and body detoxification.

Once we’ve sorted through all of the available ingredients, we’ll take note of any ingredients that are wasted in the bottle or otherwise known to be ineffective. We don’t care about blends of ingredients that have been scientifically confirmed to be junk. Junk ingredients don’t help us lose weight! Once ingredient lists have been thoroughly looked at, we move on to the next step of our process.

2) Gauging Public Feedback.

Humans are social by nature and when we like a product, we end up sharing that adoration with the rest of the world. The inverse is true of human nature, as well. When we don’t like something, we are typically very vocal about how much we dislike that product. For that reason, we like to spend time analyzing several layers of user feedback in relation to each product on our list. How do we dig through this process? Isn’t it simple to just look at a review rating for a product?

While we could simply look at the overall approval rate of each product, we find that this method leads to plenty of false positives and false negatives. By just looking at the review score of each product, we dismiss the idea of fake reviews and fake ratings influencing the actual results. So, since we can’t get a real sense of a product by the numbers, we dig into the words themselves.

It should be noted that we also dismiss all products that are rated a perfect 5 stars or 100%, depending on the rating scale. The likelihood of a company purchasing fake reviews dramatically increases when the product has perfect scores. We also dismiss products that have a long list of middling to negative reviews. We don’t want to waste any time during our weight loss routine and we are sure that you don’t either. When there is a high probability of a product being mediocre, it doesn’t get the luxury of being on our list nor does it get the benefit of the doubt.

Once we’ve discarded all mediocre reviews and thoroughly analyzed the rest of the bunch, we are able to compile a list of only quality products. At this point in time, you would think that we’d be done with our research, but we are actually nowhere close. There is still a bit of work to do. We want to make sure that you are equipped with the perfect HCG diet drops for your weight loss plan, so no corners have been cut.

3) Analyzing Re-Order Rates.

When someone really adores a product and there is proof that it has been effective in its goal, what happens next? In all likelihood, if a user loves a product it seems reasonable to expect them to re-order the product again and again. This is what we call a re-order rate. This is the next step of our user analysis. The re-order rate of a product is very indicative of the overall quality of the item itself.

When we buy an item a second time, we are giving a vote of confidence to the company and all future buyers. The products that work the best are also the ones that sell out the most. Products that have great reviews and high re-order rates show that the HCG drops in question both high in quality and effective at what they do. However, when we see a product with glowing reviews and a low re-order rate, well, something fishy is going on beneath the surface and the likelihood of fake reviews once again rears its ugly head.

4) Looking At Customer Service Quality.

When you look at the quality of a product, you have to consider so much more than what is going on only inside of the package. When it comes to HCG drops, we like to know that each product is backed by a company that truly cares for their customers. Our reasoning is simple: if a company is willing to provide each and every customer with caring customer service, then they must believe in the quality of their product. This was the next avenue that we explored while sorting out the best HCG products available.

We went through the remaining top options and combed over all available information relating to the quality of customer support that each customer offered. Companies that routinely showcased awful customer service were immediately discarded and weeded out from our list. Companies that received frequent praise for their customer service were included on our list and, in fact, bumped toward the top. We even emailed companies with questions and judged them based on how quickly they replied, the depth of information that they replied with and the quality of care that they gave us.

After we’ve taken time to evaluate the value that each company places in their individual customers, we can make an accurate list of quality companies worth doing business. With this step complete, we move on to the last step of our research process.

5) Analyzing The Little Details.

The last step before we compiled the best HCG drops available included combing over all of the little details that were left to each product. By this point, we knew which products contained the best ingredients, which products were backed by great customer service, and which products were being used frequently by their loyal customers. We founded out this information by analyzing customer satisfaction guarantees, money-back returns, certification and more. By rounding out the final details of our investigation into the top HCG diet drops available we were able to confidently put together the following list.

1. HCG Triumph

Let’s start off our list with one of the top HCG drop options around. HCG Triumph is heralded for being one of the few authentic HCG supplements on the market. Put together in an FDA certified lab, this product has 100% actual HCG inside of the bottle. With great customer service and a money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with HCG Triumph. HCG Triumph also helps each user in a variety of ways outside of the actual HCG element. The ingredients in Triumph will also help you to suppress your diet, thus making your calorie restriction even easier. Additionally, there is a host of amino acids in the bottle that you’ll receive which ends up being great for your energy, muscle building, and weight-loss aspirations.

2. HCG Complex

Promising the fastest results on the market, HCG Complex has been lauded for being a risk-free way to try out HCG as a weight loss supplement. With overwhelmingly positive feedback on all major retail platforms, HCG Complex has developed quite the positive reputation for itself. We found the ingredient blend of HCG Complex to be among the best available. The only reason this isn’t our top option is that it doesn’t have nearly as many tertiary ingredients in the bottle. Still, HCG Complex possesses Panax, HCG, Arginine, Vitamin B-12 and much, much more.

3. Easy HCG

This is the first homeopathic option on our list and it makes the Top-3 for one simple reason: customers love the product and feedback doesn’t lie in this instance. Easy HCG has a diluted form of HCG in the bottle as well as Vitamin B12, L-Ornithine, L-arginine and finally L-Carnitine. You’ll be able to lose weight, retain muscle, and excavate the body that you’ve always wanted by using Easy HCG alongside your HCG diet. With proper focus and attention to detail, you should be able to lose roughly 1lb per day while boosting your energy and rebooting your metabolism.

4. Nigen Biotech

This HCG drop supplement follows all of the rules set out by Good Manufacturing Practices. Developed by Nigen Biotech, these oral drops stand alone as being one of the most restricted products in terms of ingredient lists. The team behind Nigen Biotech didn’t want to dilute their HCG drops with filler components. This non-homeopathic HCG supplement can be counted on in order to give you the effects that you desire in a timeframe that you can handle. The only reason that these HCG drops aren’t higher up on our list are due to three points: 1) No FDA approval, No warranty, and finally a higher price point. While these are all very valid reasons for dropping Nigen Biotech down our list, the product has still shown itself to be efficient and effective when properly applied alongside a regimented diet.

5. Better Than HCG

Occasionally referred to as a ‘miracle product’, Better Than HCG lives up to its name by offering a formula that showcases itself better than many of the old school HCG supplements. Using a proprietary solution that leans on homeopathic development, Better Than HCG makes a strong case for itself by utilizing thyroidinum — a dried up thyroid gland derived from sheep. While reviews were mixed on Better Than HCG, those that found the supplement to be effective were more than blown away by their results. As we always say, no two people are exactly the same and sometimes one supplement will work for one person while being ineffective for another.

6. HCG 1234 by Creative Bioscience

While we’ll admit that HCG 1234 doesn’t have the greatest of names, the product itself just works. This product contains a scientific approximation of HCG rather than the actual hormone itself. While we don’t typically like HCG alternatives, there is something to be said for having a Vegan-friendly HCG option that works well when trying to lose weight on a restricted diet. People advocate for HCG 1234 specifically when they don’t have as many opportunities to hit the gym. If you can stick to your diet regiment, this could be the right HCG supplement for you. Most negative reviews seem centered on the mediocre taste of the supplement more than the 1lb per day weight loss average.

7. Aminodrops

This is a homeopathic oral HCG drop supplement that works due to the fact that it has an extensive blend of quality ingredients. This supplement comes with a detailed diet cookbook and manual that will help you to stick to your HCG diet regiment which will ensure success so long as you follow all of the steps. This is a GMP certified product that received mostly positive reviews. The only negative points being scored to Aminodrops had to do with the lack of a warranty and the lack of FDA approval.

8. Anumed HCG Homeopathic E-Drops

Anumed is an international developer of HCG supplements. This product has a homeopathic formula which means that it is going to be weaker than other options on our list. As a relatively new company in the world of HCG drops, Anumed didn’t have as much detail out there for their products. Still, customers reported that Anumed HCG Homeopathic E-Drops were consistently effective in their goal of losing weight. While we don’t love the final formula and Anumed is clearly tinkering with it, effective is as effective does.

9. Real HCG Plus Drops

If your goal is true weight-loss through the power of HCG, you’ve come to the right place. Real HCG Plus Drops are one of the top HCG diet supplements on the entire market. Developed with a dosage of roughly 150 to 200 IUs per day, this is one of the purest and most potent HCG supplements around. These are real HCG drops with actual levels of HCG inside of the bottle. Don’t waste your time with homeopathic or hormone-free options if your goal is true weight-loss. Made in the USA, Real HCG Plus Drops also comes with a 30-Day money back return policy. Each bottle will last two full months of regular usage.

10. Rejuvimedical Oral HCG Troches

Rejuvimedical brought something different to the table with their Oral HCG Troches. Rather than using a simple dropper under the tongue, you’ll actually take a tablet instead. These tablets are a great alternative to droppers because there is little in the way of maintenance or preparation. Merely pop in your HCG tablet and you are good to go. This product made our list for being effective and unique though there are middling reviews.

11. HCG Lean 4000 With African Mango

We’ll close out our list of quality HCG supplements by highlighting this Maritzmayer Laboratories product, HCG Lean 4000 with African Mango oral drops. This is a homeopathic product with an amazing blend of quality ingredients including the African Mango. Studies have repeatedly shown HCG Lean 4000 to be effective for weight loss. The only reason this product dropped to the bottom of our list is that the flavor is mediocre at best and awful in some instances.

6. How To Properly Use Your HCG Drops.

Taking HCG drops on a regular basis will require you to follow a strict and regimented routine. Unlike a daily vitamin, you don’t simply pop an HCG diet pill into your mouth before moving on with your day. HCG diet drops need to be taken on a regular basis while following detailed and curated instructions specific to each brand. With that being said, there are some common rules that are shared among all of the different varieties available to you. Let’s take a moment to highlight the regular routine that you should follow when using your HCG drops.

While each brand of HCG drop will be a little bit different, as you no doubt know by now, there is going to be some commonality in how to apply them. Here is our short list of instructions for taking your HCG drops in a safe manner:

1. Read The Instructions – Each bottle will be a little different, so pay attention to the specific instructions of your brand.

2. Take Daily Per Schedule – Traditionally, most HCG diet drops will have you ingesting the supplement three times per day in between your meals. In order to take your oral HCG drops, merely use the dropper to put the drops underneath your tongue. Hold the drops underneath your tongue for about two minutes before swallowing.

3. 15 Minutes Between Drops And Meals/Liquid – Typically, you’ll want to take a 15-minute break from food and water before you take your HCG drops. This step is incredibly important to the effectiveness of your HCG drops.

As you can see, taking your HCG drops the proper way is actually pretty easy. Follow the instructions, stick to your daily schedule, and don’t eat or drink before you take your drops for at least 15 minutes. As long as you can follow these simple instructions, you can follow the HCG drops diet to a successful conclusion.

7. 4 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your HCG Drops.
We are at the final leg of our HCG drop journey. We’ve learned plenty of information about how to take HCG drops, the scientific foundation of the HCG diet, and even which HCG drops are the best of the best. Now, at this point, you are almost ready to begin your HCG diet journey. The only question that is remaining is this: how do I know which drops to select? We’ve decided to help you out by closing out our discussion with four things to consider before choosing your HCG drops.

1) What are my weight loss goals?
Before you begin to select a potential HCG drops supplement, take a moment to consider your goals. Are you trying to lose just a couple of spare pounds? Then pick one of the more affordable homeopathic options above. Are you trying to fight off obesity? Then consider a stronger supplement such as any of the real HCG drop supplements above.

2) What brand offers the most well-rounded ingredient list?
While your focus will mostly be on the HCG ingredient, you do want to pay attention to everything else going on inside of the bottle. You can get a well-rounded HCG drop supplement that also impacts you in other positive ways. Some HCG drops will help you detox, others will focus on building muscles. Your goals will tailor your decision.

3) How quickly do I want my results?
Going off of our first consideration, you have to also think about how quickly you want your results. More intense HCG drops will work faster than the more mild options. You have to pay attention to your body, your goals, and what you realistically can keep up with.

4) Can I return the product for a refund?
Finally, pay attention to return and refund policies. In the rare instance that your HCG drops don’t work for you, you’ll want to know that you have a viable path to getting your money back.

HCG diet drops are not a miracle supplement that will have you shedding pounds without any effort. HCG drops, like all other weight-loss supplements, are meant to be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular physical exercise. When you combine your HCG diet drops with a carefully curated diet and regular exercise, you’ll be shocked to find that your weight can dramatically decrease. Use the tips we highlighted above as well as one of the Top 11 HCG Diet Drops from our review section in order to get back on track with your weight loss goals.

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